• Supply

    1000000 Coins
  • Rate

    1 FinCoin = 1 Euro
  • Symbol

  • Blockchain


FinCoins, provide our users and community with a Site Currency to facilitate rewards and affiliate payouts.

FinCoins also provide access to our products and services, and functions as a medium of exchange between users, and service providers who participate in our ecosystem.

How does the affiliate program work?

  1. Get a personal affiliate link and share it anywhere on the internet or place the Fintech Systems exchange or buy widget on your site.
  2. A user makes an exchange, or purchases crypto assets via your link or widget.
  3. Once the transaction is finished, you receive 50% of our revenue from the exchange or purchase.
  4. Convert your earnings to BTC or ETH and withdraw them to your wallet.

How to earn with Fintech Systems Affiliate Program?

  • Referral link
  • Widget

Getting a reward

We use a 50/50 revenue-share model with our affiliates. That means that you receive 50% of the revenue from ALL of your referrals’ transactions. The 50% revenue share model works for 90 days since your referral’s registration.

The withdrawals are available for all authorized affiliates. To get authorized, please send us an email with a link to your service and some information about your traffic sources.

Important: we don’t make payouts if you

  • use the links to exchange money by yourself;
  • use Fintech Systems’s brand name in a domain or copy our site in any form;
  • advertise on our brand name.

Your account has a special affiliate dashboard with all your stats. Estimated balance is the sum of all earned coins in current BTC (ETH) rate. Rates of conversion Coins to BTC (ETH) varies, so the amount of Estimated balance varies too.

We take a commission from the user in the destination currency of the given exchange. We then deposit your reward in the same currency to your balance. For example, if the user exchanges XMR for LTC, your reward will be accrued in LTC.

How we calculate revenue: For every transaction made we charge our users a commission and then pay a commission to one of our trading partners. What is left over is our revenue, which we then share with our affiliates. For credit card payments to purchase Crypto Assets, we also share the revenue with you at a 50/50 split.

How to withdraw

For withdrawing you need to convert your reward to BTC or ETH.

Important: minimum payout is set at 0,01 BTC and 0,1 ETH. Minimums are set so that you won’t lose all of your earnings during the transaction due to the network fees paid from your side.

Welcome to withdraw!

Please make sure that your domain name and site content reflect your own company or brand. Using Fintech Systems’s brand name in a domain or copying our site in any form is illegal. Advertising on our brand name is forbidden.

Affiliate materials

  • Affiliate account
  • Personal referral link
  • Exchange widget

Cookies work for 90 days.


We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the affiliate account and status in the Affiliate program in any of the following cases:

  • Inappropriate advertisements (false claims, misleading hyperlinks, etc.);
  • Advertising on sites containing, promoting illegal activities and/or intended to finance illegal activities;
  • Spamming (mass e-mail, mass newsgroup posting, etc.);
  • Violation of intellectual property rights;
  • Self referrals, fraudulent transactions, suspected Affiliate fraud.

Upon termination, the Affiliate will lose access to its Affiliate Dashboard and will forfeit all potential or unpaid Affiliate Fees.

For any further assistance, feel free to contact us at affiliate@fintechsystems.ltd.